Top 10 – Responsibility of Management

Responsibility of Management-What is Management Responsibility-What is the Responsibility of Management

Duty is the foundation of responsibility. Without a specific person to hold accountable, the concept of responsibility is meaningless. A building, machine, or animal cannot hold responsible for its actions. Accountability goes hand in hand with authority. The one in charge is accountable for making sure power use properly. Managers have authority over their subordinates, …

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Top 10 – Characteristics of Management

Characteristics of Management-What are Management Characteristics-What are the Characteristics of Management

Management is responsible for the strategic development, operational framework, and control of an enterprise. It brings together the organization’s assets and motivates its members to achieve its goals. Without management, the factory floor would fill with idle equipment that would never provide a single product. Many different production elements contribute to a company’s success or …

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Disadvantages of Management

Disadvantages of Management-What are Management Disadvantages-What are the Disadvantages of Management

Only with the full backing and agreement of upper management can Management by Objectives be successful. Due to a variety of factors, it may be challenging to reconcile the goals of “unequals,” or supervisors and lower- and middle-level employees. They need cross-departmental support to be resolved.Integrating MBOs is a time-consuming and labor-intensive process. Meetings and …

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